Friday, March 25, 2011

A Scene from Hippiechickapolis

Moi: "OMG! It's SNOWING?! DAMNIT..." *throws fit*

K8e: *peering out window* "Yay! I want it to snow forever!"

Moi explains that snow = no playing in park, have to say inside, etc.

K8e: "I want to stay inside... I love snow, Mommee! I want it forever!"

Moi: *desperately wanting to instill some sense into beloved daughter, but refrains, taking a deep breath instead* "Well, take it up w/ Mother Nature then, sweetheart. I'm not in charge of the weather."

K8e trots away, returning sporadiacally to give Moi random "hugginz & tissez*

Moi: *sigh & mumbles unintelligible curses @ the snow*


I wish I coulda made up that whole dialogue, but nope. This all just happened about 10 minutes ago. Cute, but I really am sincerely fed up with Winter. :(

A *Fun* Fact

When June Cleaver gets clitblocked (stalled from housework), she morphs into Roseanne. When Roseanne is clitblocked (stalled from speaking her mind), she morphs into ME -- Mean Mama.

I am so fed up w/ DB. Yes, he's helping someone (who we both dearly love) -- B.U.T. -- he does this shit ALLLLLLL the time to me & my children. I would be okay w/ 1, maybe 2 hours of being on the phone -- but this nearing the 4th hour mark.