Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random Bits O' Rambles

I seriously don't know what to write about tonight. I was bored, so I logged into SL - only to find that the way I designed my character (months ago) looks all wrong. So for about an hour, I've been trying to fix it - only to fuck it up even more. GAH! *sigh*

I don't know if I even want to bother playing SL anymore. Considering I only log in after Teh Kidlets are in bed, that doesn't leave me a lot of time to learn stuff or whatever. And DB didn't put that rule on me - it my own rule so as not to get re-sucked into the crack that is MMO games. I enjoy MMOs, I really do -- it's just that I have a highly addictive personality & I can't multitask playing an MMO & caring for my kids at the same time.

Anyway --

I think my heart is starting to recover from the low blow on Sunday. Definitely learned a lesson: Make people earn their spots in my heart. Giving away chunks of myself is a foolish thing and it will not happen again. Those already in my inner circle are ok- but if I add any more to that layer of trust, they will have to first prove their worth to me.

I am also bored enough to troll the person who temporarily broke my heart. Nothing major - just a lil bit of a mind-fuck in progress. Something to entertain myself while adjusting to my still-new BP medication.

I hope to get out on Saturday -- may have to take Teh Kidlets to see Papa (Daddy-O) on Sunday after he returns from church. Or something. I really need a day off to relax & stuffs. Hopefully the weather is nice enough for a loooooong walk. I could definitley use the exercise, at the very least. LMAO ;)


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