Monday, February 7, 2011

Who Am I?

I am quite mysterious, known as beautiful, always polite and simply magnificent. I am an energetic, warm, optimistic person. I approach everything with a lot of enthusiasm. When I am happiest, I am calm. I appreciate tradition and family. I enjoy feeling cozy. I tend to be afraid of change. I am never ready for things to be different. I find love to be the most comforting thing in the world. I feel at peace when I'm with my loved ones. My ideal day is active and full. I like to keep busy with my favorite things, and I appreciate a routine. I tend to live in the moment. I enjoy whatever is going on, and I don't obsess over the past or future. I look cute, but there's nothing cute about the way I act. I'm a total brat. I like to be left alone, and if someone doesn't respect that, I am downright vicious. I do my own thing... so much so that I tend to be pretty indifferent to those around me. It is difficult for me to form emotional bonds with people ~ even if they want to form bonds with me.

I am precise yet romantic, efficient yet dreamy, friendly yet somewhat suspicious of others. I rarely smile, but when I do it's very meaningful. I like it best when there is a group consensus, and yet I am easily annoyed by the slowness and/or stupidity of others. Sometimes I think that if only I could live on an island or move to some wonderful place far away, everything would be better, and if I can't realize this dream I often lose myself in books, vacations, recipes, ~ anything for an escape! All in all, I try to make peace with life, and have many old friends.

Being an emotional person, I often express my feelings openly though, at times, I may express them impulsively. I tend to occupy only extreme positions in likes and dislikes and in their opinions. I have the ability to put myself in others' shoes and can be sympathetic. Unfortunately, being slightly impulsive may result in the tendency to act with less intellectual consideration. To add on, I am a person who can be passionate at times but may also let emotion go relatively easily. I may hold on to memories (painful or pleasurable) but can also forgive and forget after some time. I rely very much on my intuition when reasoning.

I tend to be practical when setting my goals. I do not take unnecessary risks but may be willing to work towards goals which are not strictly immediate. I have a strong power of endurance and enthusiasm that would help me to achieve my goal. However, there are times when I demonstrate a certain vagueness about my aims and purposes.

I have a confident, self-assured personality. I don't care what others think and I am independent of others' thoughts.

There are also times when I feel isolated and cut off from others. I tend to make friends with selection. I am likely to choose them according to some special criterion ~ perhaps because they share common interests or professions. I tend to be frank, open and honest. However, there are times when I may be blunt and talkative. I have a communicative and receptive attitude to new ideas or concepts. I have an undistorted communication of truth.

I am logical, analytical, and rational with good verbal skills. Flexible and broad-minded, I can fit into any situation. There's no telling where my life will take me. Consistent and reliable, I like to count on structure and routine in my life.

My emotions tend to be nervous and potent. My energy ~ both positive and negative ~ deeply impacts my life. I am more expressive than most people, but may not let everyone in on my true feelings ~ the good, the bad, and the ugly ~ leaving that for those who I believe I can trust completely.

I am a very passionate person. Highly charged and magnetic, I inspire others easily. I am an assertive person ~ I'll pull out all the stops to get what I want, if it's worth it. It takes a while for me to fall in love, but once I do, I stay pretty attached to my partner.

I am not afraid of anything. I am brave and courageous, even when most people would be terrified. I am very practical and down-to-earth. I am more concerned with action than thoughts.

I am an amazingly hard worker ~ I don't mind getting my hands dirty. I am not spoiled and I have little patience for those who are. I am not easily influenced by most people... I am the catalyst around me.

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